Australia 2014

Hi folks, Olwyn suggested that I send a few snap shots of our recent trip to Australia and New Zealand. We have almost 800 so sending all would be kinda hard. Instead, I grabbed one or two from each area we visited. So few do not do it justice but at least it will give you an idea. If you have questions about any of the photos send them on and I'll try to answer them and or send more photos to better illustrate.

Riding the Kuranda Rail into the rain forest near Cairns.

Tastes like chicken...

The great Barrier Reef.

The Blue Mountains a few hours out of Sydney.

Ken learning to throw a boomerang.

The Sydney Opera House

Bondi Beach

Uluru (Ayres Rock)

Alice Springs

The lounge car of the Ghan Train

A few animals unique to Australia. These shots were taken near Adelaide.

The dingo

A kangaroo

A koala

The river promenade in Melbourne.

On route to Queenstown New Zealand

Mount Cook


Some of New Zealand's many sheep

Milford Sound

The geyser in Rotorua

Maori villiage near Rotorua

The harbour in Auckland