Christmas at Mom's.

Morgan carving the turkey.
Morgan carving the turkey

Patiently waiting.
Patiently waiting

Warren says grace.
Warren saying grace

Dan's ready to start. See what you're missing!
Ready to start

And the feast begins.
The feast begins

Time to kick back waiting for the next course.
Rest time

Ahhhh dessert.

Grandpa starts opening gifts.
opening gifts

It's a new coat. Pops tries it on for size.
New coat

Looks good and he's all set for a Winnipeg winter.
New coat

Grandma's a bit more laid back.
opening gifts

Time to play with some new toys.
toy time

Dad goes for the million.
toy time

Close, but he'll have to try again.
toy time

New Year's Eve.
Dan prepares the parking facilities.
Dan working hard

Meanwhile Dad's busy taking photos of the 26cms of snow that fell over night. Sometimes it pays to be the old guy.
old guy work

The poker game is on... Warren concentrates while grandpa checks his bankroll. Meanwhile grandma wonders how she got mixed up with this family.

Dan snuggles with Daisy.

Warren checks the replay camera as the officials keep a watchful eye.
instant replay

Kyle becomes a teenager!
Kyle turns 13