On route to Fayetteville we stopped at Bentonville just a few miles to the north. Bentonville is the origin of the Wal-Mart empire. It's here Sam Walton started his original 5 and 10 which has since been converted to a museum.

Walton's 5 and 10 taken from the Bentonville Town Square
Walton 5 and 10

Sam's original office, apple crate for guests
Sam's original office

Sam's "new" office.
Sam's new office

Sam's famous Ford truck. Sam drove this truck even in his wealthy years.
Sam's truck

Sam's truck.
Sam's truck

Sam's truck
Sam's truck

After visiting the Wal-Mart museum and information center we headed on to Fayetteville home of Arkansas State University. We took a ride to Dixon Street which is just off campus. Olwyn had visited this area a few years back while attending the Wal-Mart Share Holder's meetings. Dixon Street is a cool area filled with little bars, restaurants, and shops. Sadly I forgot my camera so no pictures.

The next day we followed Scenic Biway 71 on route (the long way) to Mountain View and the Ozark Folk Center. These are a few of the shots along the way.

A very nice rest area on Hiway 71. Convenient sitting spaces to enjoy the solitude morning has to offer.
Rest area bench on Hiway 71

Another seat but down by he river.
river seat

Mist over the river.
The river

Can you guess what this tree is?
What kind of tree is this?

That's right, Holly. (sorry for the poor picture, I'm still trying to get use to a new camera.)

Continuing down the hiway we got our first glimpse of the real Ozarks. Now that being said we referred to the whole area as the Ozarks but in fact these were the Boston Mountains.
Boston Mountains

Morning mist not quite off the mountains.
Boston Mountains

Wouldn't you love a house with a deck overlooking this?.
Boston Mountains

When you're closer you can see that the terrain is much more rugged and the forest is more dense. Note the vines on the bottom right. These vines can be quite invasive and can actually choke out much of the other vegetation including the trees.
Boston Mountains

One more shot.
Boston Mountains

A better view of the vines and how they can "take over".

Most of the above shots were taken from a viewpoint next to a gift shop. I felt obligated to at least browse through the shop considering we used their parking lot. What a wise choice! Home made fudge and peanut clusters. Mmmmm! Besides the treats they also sold craft items. I had to take a picture of this one specialy seeun how they spelled Merry Christmas. I guess it cuda bin worst, it cuda bin Merrie Chismas. My appologies to the crafter.

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